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what clients say

We realise its can sometimes be a big first step to call and book your first session right now, so below are a few comments from our clients to help you make that decision.

please call us to discuss further on 0121 251 6172


"I would like to say a huge thanks for the weight loss sessions I booked with Mark. The interactivity of the sessions, live on zoom, allowed me to reflect on what was going on in & outside of mealtimes. Furthermore, having gained more insight, I was able to easily apply what we had spoken about. In the evenings, I 'tuned' into the recordings sent me; these were hugely relaxing & really got me thinking ahead. I've had so many lovely comments from friends, saying how healthy I look! Thanks again." - Joanne - Redditch

"I saw Mark online on Teams because I felt my alcohol drinking was getting out of control and a friend recommended him to me.  I am now back on track after 3 appointments this way. I was skeptical but all I can say is It was a good experience and just like face to face". - Jean - Birmingham


"My OCD has improved greatly since my appointments with Mark. I still need a couple more but feel so much more in control. They have all been online and it works easier than I thought. I didn’t want to wait for face to face, I needed to get started". - Jack - Coventry


"When I contacted Mark for an appointment to help me stop smoking and he advised me he was only seeing clients online, I was very dubious that it could work for me, but as I had decided this was the right time for me to stop I decided I didn’t want to wait so booked the appointment anyway. He had assured me that the process was the same as me attending and explained the process. Well I am pleased to say it worked. I stopped smoking that day and am still a non-smoker 6 months later. Thanks Mark". - Valerie - Birmingham


"I visited you in April about my nail-biting and am delighted to report I haven't bitten them since. Thanks so much! The help you gave me has inspired me to sort out a couple of things in my life" - Phil - Birmingham


"I work online a lot anyway so I felt happy to have a Zoom online appointment with Mark for my anxiety, and it caused me less stress than actually having to drive to his premises after work. It was really strange but it was as though I was in the room with him, and I was able to feel really relaxed while we spoke. I have had two appointments this way and am already feeling the improvement in my thinking about my problems. I had no hesitation in relating my feelings about online apointments when Mark asked me, so I hope my experience will reassure others who were worrying about it". Tom - Wolverhampton


"I came to see you about my nerves with the driving tests. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test last Tuesday. Since my appt with you I became so positive with my driving so thank you so much" - Judy - Birmingham


"Thanks to your advice and your cd I was calm and relaxed and passed my driving test!! Thanks for your continuous help and support" - Shaunna


"I wasn't happy being treated as a food addict by others, but Mark helped me understand it all and change my thought processes" - Sue - Bromsgrove


"thanks for sorting my mad phobia so quickly, I feel fantastic!!" - Brian - Redditch


"I wanted to thank you as my IBS has been so much better, and I feel so much more relaxed" - Claire - Alvechurch


"Mark put me so at ease so quickly - I felt great. Now I can get on with my life" - John - Redditch


"I'd tried everything without success, but this worked!" - Mrs. Green - Birmingham


"After just one session the fear of spiders was completely gone" - Joan - Birmingham


"I have been living with fear for years. I am so glad to be free of it, I feel great." - David - Sutton Coldfied


"Just one session and my phobia has gone" - Steve - Redditch


"If I had know it would be this easy to quit smoking, I'd have booked to see Mark sooner!" - Chris - Northfield


"I though I'd tried every method of controlling my weigh with no lasting success. Mark soon fixed this and the weigh has stayed off" - Debbie


"Mark ran an NLP course for my company so I booked to seem as a one-to-one client because I knew I could trust him" - David - Warwickshire


"I had suffered with anxiety for most of my life and Mark somehow sorted it out in just two sessions" - Susan - Bromsgrove


"Wow I feel brilliant!! Is this for real - I keep looking for the fear of flying but I can't find it anywhere!!!... How did you do it!" - Alison, Kings Heath


"Mark fixed my fear of spiders so painlessly I can't recommend him highly enough!" - Kate, Kings Norton


"Since Mark helped me to stop smoking I've sent everybody I know to him" - John - Erdington


"the best money I ever invested, I was amazed how easy Mark helped me overcome my problem" - Joanne, Harborne


"I suffered with social phobia for so long and thought nothing could help.... Mark Did!!!" - Jane, Erdington


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