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sports therapyThere is more to Coaching than just exercise...

Sports excellence through mental attitude

Hypnosis and NLP take the champion's best performance and make it available 100% of the time

  • Mental toughness, Sports Psychology, Motivational Sports Coaching, Sports Hypnosis
  • Not all coaching is the same; don't just train harder, train smarter...
  • Learn to balance Mind & Body to improve your efficiency.
  • Effective with Swimming, Rugby, Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Golf, Tennis. Sports as diverse as Darts and strong-man contests truly benefit from the application of motivational sports coaching -  'getting your head in the right place'
  • Coaching for teams and individuals. Learn to harness and work with your environment
  • Learn to train both your body and your mind to be the best it can be.
  • High Performance Coaching for High Performance results.

If you are a professional, amateur or just do it for fun, whatever your sport, or activity you can vastly improve your technique and ability by utilising the most underused and ignored muscle in the whole body, YOUR BRAIN!

Do you find you have hit a plateau? Your skills are top notch in practice, but when it really counts you choke? Maybe you are just not advancing at the speed you would like? Maybe you are playing well but you just want to play BETTER?

You probably use any advantage, tool, skill or technique you can to get the edge. You have the best equipment, the best coach, the best trainer, but do you have your best mental attitude? At the highest levels of competition, it is seldom physical skill that makes the difference. Most top athletes are evenly matched. The difference is in the mind!

At the elite sports training centres, mental tools such as visualisation, imagery and mental rehearsal are an increasingly dominant part of the training regiment:

Mike Brearley

During the 1978/79 tour of Australia, England cricket captain Mike Brearley consulted a clinical Hypnotherapist.

Boxing confidence

Boxer Ken Norton used hypnosis before his victory over Mohammed Ali.

If you watched, or even took part in, the recent Olympic Games you would have noticed the winners before they even competed because you could spot their mental focus.... British Shot Put champion and Olympian Alison Rodger used hypnosis to focus deeply on where she wanted to go in her sport.

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sports performance

The 4 'C's of Mental Toughness, The 4 C's of Peak Performance

Commitment: I promise to do it!
Control: I really believe I can do it!
Challenge: I am “excited” about doing it!
Confidence: I can do it even if it seems difficult!

Mental Toughness Components: The 4 C’s

A promise to yourself or to others. How do you respond to working towards specific goals & targets?
Goal setting, Motivation, Discipline, Focus, Persistence.

Control Emotions & keep daily stress in perspective
Emotions: Positive attitude, Stress Management, Awareness, Proactive/Reactive
Life: Organizational skills, Time Management, Responsible for actions

To what degree do you seek challenges, variety, see opportunities?
Coping with change, resilience (bounce back), courage and problem solving.

To what extent do you believe in yourself and can deal with setbacks?
Ability: Self belief, confidence in your own skills
Interpersonal: Assertive, speaks out, public speaking

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