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Hypnotherapy in Solihull
Hypnotherapy in Solihull can help you find a hypnotherapist in Solihull. Many people in the local area want help but would rather it not be too close to home just in case your confidentiality is compromised when people notice you leaving a therapy centre on Solihull high street.
Luckily we are close enough to help, yet far enough away to ensure your complete confidentiality with whatever we can help you to resolve.
Solihull is one of the most prosperous towns in the Midlands and in 2013 was actually voted the best place to live in the United Kingdom by the uSwitch Quality of Life Index.
Yet in spite of all this there has been an increase in residents of Solihull suffering from anxiety and stress. Some turn to smoking, drinking etc but many are finding it difficult to relax and even sleep.
Luckily this is where we can make a difference by helping you to stop smoking and so much more.
We are based at the West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre in Cotteridge, 2 minutes walk from Kings Norton train station. A mere 20 minutes drive or even accessible by public transport (49, 45, 47, 18 and 11A)
For more details and discuss how we can help you please call 0121 251 6172
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