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What is self hypnosis?

We are constantly hypnotising ourselves into negative states like apprehension, anxiety and fear; even a phobia can be classified as a negative self-hypnosis.

How can I learn?

The aim of this training is to enable you to literally choose the state you want to be in and do it...!

You will learn:

  • How to be clear with the goals you want to achieve, before you start self hypnosis.
  • How to clearly frame these goals to create the change you want
  • How to take your own hypnosis sessions as deep as you want
  • How to create effective imagery
  • How to create triggers (anchors) for quick and easy practice.

What are the benefits to me?

Self hypnosis can be learnt in one-to-one sessions or on an open training course. The benefits of learning self hypnosis correctly is to enable you to choose, with confidence, the state you want to be in - be that relaxed, motivated, confident or anything else. Once learnt, self hypnosis becomes just a natural thing you can do easily. Why be stressed unless stressed is the thing you want to be. This is more than just being positive, it is literally changing your STATE OF MIND

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To book your one-to-one session, attend an open course or arrange a course for your friends and colleagues.

call us now on 07831 743737 or e-mails via the contacts page.

Self hypnosis, once learn correctly, will help to improve your confidence and it will really make the difference you are looking for.


Your trainer, Mark Peters, is the author of the best selling book 'the accidental hypnotist' which is available in paperback for £15

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