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hypnosis for weight loss

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Manage your weight with Hypnosis in Kings Norton by overcoming negative associations. Manage your weight with hypnosis by removing your addictive need and learning to take back the control.

Oxford Dictionary definition of DIET.

Mode of living/Planned or Prescribed selection of FOOD / to take food according to Rule / Allowance of FOOD.



The word DIET immediately strikes fear into many people’s hearts, and many also comment they feel it is the easiest way to gain weight.

It may sound a strange statement, but as soon as I began the dreaded yet regular 'Monday Morning Diet' (For some reason we all seem to choose the day after the weekend blow-out for our first day) some of my first thoughts where:

“How long do I intend to stay on it?”

“How much can I cheat and still lose weight”

“Will I be able to get my friends who are also “having a go” with me to cheat, so that I won’t feel so bad?”

"It’s OK to put it on hold whilst on holiday, isn’t I?"

The inner voice that allows us to rationalize this way will still be there if you go to slimming clubs, 'buy in' your portioned ready plated cooked food, drink liters of water a day, eat nothing but cabbage soup etc etc etc.

Fad Diets come and go, but unless that “little voice” is spoken to gently and persuasively it will never be appeased by what it feels are restrictions on the nice feelings you both derive from eating more than you need of the comfort foods.

We’ve all heard it “go on have a chocolate, one won’t hurt” or maybe “I lost 4lbs last week I could treat myself today”

As a Hypnotherapist I speak to that inner voice and help it to adjust its attitude to food, then using the language of NLP I help you as an individual to seek the best way for you to have a better association with it that is free from fear, guilt and negative thoughts. You will learn to live a life free of food fears…. Hey, millions of naturally slim people have no problems around food so why should you?


Weight control with NLP & Hypnosis

NLP & Hypnosis for weight management work by changing your associations with food. This free's you to eat what you want when you want and truly enjoy it. Don't think about losing weight right now, think about living the life you want without the fear or shame or worry.

Research shows that Dieting does not work for 98% of people. The first significant study (Minnesota Starvation Experiment) performed in 1944 clearly showed that controlled diets cause people to sneak eat, lie and worst of all gain more weight than was lost due to the development of emotionally induced eating patterns and the body's own systems of self-preservation.

How we will help you with Hypnosis for weight management

At the West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre we enable you to replace the satisfaction from over or under eating with healthy alternatives such as exercising, socialising or relaxing. This ensures that the eating habit is not replaced with another bad habit such as nail biting or bad temper. We enable you to resolve your disordered eating patterns so that you can naturally eat the things you enjoy without fear or guilt, weight gain or loss.

We use a highly effective technique combining Hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). NLP is the most powerful approach we've found for changing negative habits as well as achieving excellent performance and effective communications. This has enabled us to achieve a very high success rate. We offer a 3 session course at a total cost of £180

Hypno-banding (hypno gastric banding)

hypno-banding is gaining a great deal of interest due to media coverage and could prove a highly effective alternative to gastric bands, and even gastric bypass, for people who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure but do have the desire to lose weight. The concept of hypno-banding is to use hypnosis to convince the unconscious (sub-conscious) mind that a gastric band has actually been fitted making the stomach smaller and the patient therefore unable to eat to much food.

The additional benefit of hypno-banding is we also deal with the psychological reasons behind over-eating plus add suggestions of leading a more healthy lifestyle, exercising, gaining confidence etc. An average treatment cycle is 2 to 4 sessions over a 6 month period.

The first 3 sessions may be all you need and the inclusive price is £300


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Contact West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre for hypnotherapy and NLP for weight management. We provide a friendly service that will enable quick and lasting change. We will overcome your FEAR of failure enabling you to be the weight you would like to be and have the confidence you can live your life FREE from your old worries.

Hypnotherapy for weight management is more than just another diet to follow, it will enable you to live your life FREE of dieting. We will use the approach that best suits you.

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