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life coaching

Life Coaching in Birmingham

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Life coaching can be for anyone who believes they are not living their lives in a way that makes them feel fulfilled as individuals and satisfied with their life. We all know that sometimes-negative things happen in life, our spirits are low and it is hard to move forwards. Sometimes we have a dream where we see ourselves in another place, another job, another relationship or have an idea for starting a business, yet it stops at a dream. This is where coaching really finds its ground.

Coaching falls into two main areas:

  • Developmental Coaching - to help you as the client to develop new resources, skills, and behaviours in order to reach wanted goals
  • Performance Coaching - To help you as the client break through the mental barriers holding back your performance. Tim Gallwey called this 'the inner game'. Performance Coaching is sometimes referred to as mental toughness or sports coaching.

Primarily a coach will believe in you and your ability to seek out and state your needs; to help you identify your purpose and desires. Life coaching is not counselling, not looking at the past, it is about unlocking potential through dialogue in a dynamic way, taking you forward into the life you want. The original meaning of a coach was a means of transportation to take you from place to place. As your coach, I will treat you with respect, listen to you, and by giving you feedback, a process of change has begun.

 "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"..... Carl Gustav Jung


Conversely, you may be a person who has always achieved, always worked hard and now would like to slow down. Your drive to be 'doing' may be stopping you from 'being'. A good life-work balance is crucial not only to be healthy but for creative thinking and problem-solving. The focus of a coaching relationship is to facilitate creative thinking, generate ideas and move in whichever direction you want to choose. Learn to win the Inner Game.

We offer Life Coaching for individuals, Professional/executive Coaching for the workplace, and organisational Coaching for business and workforce development. This approach to Coaching is often now referred to as High-Performance Coaching (HPC)


When you are ready to make the changes, you need, to reach your potential, just Click here to email or phone us on 0121 251 6172 to make an appointment now

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